1. L

    Wagga to Naroom

    Hola! I'm taking my partner down to the south coast in a month or so and I'm wondering if anyone has any good tracks they'd recommend between Wagga and Narooma or in the general south coast region? We came back from a 2 weeker through the Vic high country and are itching for another rough ride.
  2. Lewy_88

    South Coast NSW - Currowan Forest

    Our group of five cars and a camper trailer left Canberra on Friday arvo and headed down the Kings Hwy towards the South Coast. I won’t give away exact locations but in general, camp for Friday night was in a clearing down a dead end track in Currowan Forest not far off the Kings Highway. The...
  3. B

    New kid on the block

    Hi all, I'm new to the 4x4 world. I haven't done any off roading yet but with the whole stuck inside I can't really get out there right now. A little about me. I'm 28, family man, love camping and fishing (not very good at it, haha). I live in Sydney. I work in a boring office job and...
  4. Jacko_1020

    South coast NSW to Perth

    Hi guys, Me and my wife are looking at visiting family in Perth towards the end of the year. We have chosen to drive instead of fly, my questions in what’s the best way to do it with owning a 4wd. Is there any places along the way people recommend I stop or beaches I can drive and camp on. I...
  5. Lewy_88

    Blowering Dam and Tumut

    We recently went to explore the tracks behind Tumut (before the travel ban obviously). Its worth checking the area out, even while there are many forest closures since the fires. The camping is amazing at Blowering Dam. 100% recommend it. There is a heap of space and absolute water front...
  6. S

    Exhaust Legalities in NSW

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on 4x4 earth but have used it many times in the past for research into the 4x4 world. I'm only new to it all and was wondering can you have a 3-inch exhaust on your 4bie legally (I am also on my Red Ps if that makes a difference). I know many people have...
  7. madmonk

    Dingo Fence at Cameron Corner

    My best mate and I are heading from Wagga Wagga to Cameron Corner at Easter and taking in the sights of Mungo and Sturt National Parks as well as Broken Hill, Menindee and the confluence of the Murray and Darling Rivers. I wanted to take the opportunity to drive some of the length of the Dingo...
  8. Robbie_P

    National Park camping between Brisbane and Sydney

    Hi All, We are planning a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney (Wollongong area) in December and was just wondering if there were any good NSW national parks or reasonably priced camping sites along the way? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Robbie
  9. Lewy_88

    The Big Hole to Deua River Campground - the long route

    We went back to the Deua area again recently. We camped at Berlang Campground Friday night and then did the all day drive along Minuma Range Firetrail, Mongamulla Firetrail and the Merricumbene Firetrail. Really nice area with views of the valley, creek crossings, steep terrain, nothing...