1. Z

    Reverse Camera Not Working

    Hey guys I’ve recently purchased a 2014 Nissan Navara D22. The Navara came with an aftermarket head unit being the Kenwood DDX4019BT. It has a reverse camera installed. With the Kenwood, the reverse camera worked no dramas. I upgraded just the head unit (Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT) and speakers and...
  2. X

    Gearbox noise

    Hi guys. I have a 2006 Nissan navara d22 ZD30 There is a unknown sound and I’ll describe it in 3/4/5 gears, when lightly on the throttle there is alike grinding sound, gets a lot worse going 80+ This doesn’t happen in 1/2 gears, and doesn’t happen when clutch is applied or in N I have put...
  3. O

    DIY service question

    Hi, Took my nissan navara d22 2010 to Nissan dealer and they have a list of things that need doing. Does anything in the list below seem suitable for a beginner/newbie to service and DIY? - Steering drag link has excessive play (quoted $1042 AUD) - Radiator coolant bleed and fluid replacement...
  4. O

    Navara d22 sagging fix?

    Hi, Just a query, I had a 2” tough dog suspension lift kit installed by opposite lock for my navara d22 a few months ago, the front has sagged a bit. wondering if anything can be done to level it up more with the back? Had new shocks and heavy duty torsion bars done at the front, and new set...
  5. S

    Nissan Navara Door

    Ok so I have a 2011 D22 Navara ST-R and i'm getting 2 right side doors from an earlier model (2008) They look the same and i'm wondering if they will fit my car. Also will this effect the central locking system? Because the 08 Model doesn't have central locking.
  6. O

    Nissan Navara d22 Factory Dual Battery conversion help

    Hi, I have a 2010 Nissan navara d22 STR 2.5L, and it came with a factory dual battery setup for cranking. Both batteries need replacing and I thought Id look into converting it into a standard single cranking battery and then I have the option of adding a true second auxillary battery. I have...
  7. Bran602

    Hilux vs Navara vs Ranger

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting my first 4x4 and I think a dual cab ute will work for what I'm looking to do and now I'm trying to figure out which specific ute to go for. I have a budget of $15k and I've been looking at a Hilux SR/SR5, Ranger XL/XLT or Navara ST/ST-R so far. Any tips/advice...
  8. S

    Installation of UHF into Navara D40

    G'day lads, first time poster. I recently got a 2nd hand GME TX3540 UHF Radio and i want to install it into my Nissan Navara St 2015 D40 model. Im wondering how other people have stored them in their cars and if anybody has any tips on installing the uhf? I am also curious, i have a uniden...
  9. Zian


    Specs: 2013 Nissan Navara D40 2.5L 4cyl Turbodiesel 6 Speed Manual 80L Fueltank Mods: 2" Lift Arb bullbar Safari Snorkel 3" exhaust Reedmans custom canopy Oil catch can Diff breathers Ironman winch Darkest legal tint Custom draw system w/ fridge shelf Dual Battery w/ isolator and charger (solar...
  10. Zian

    New to forum

    Hows it going all, look forward to learning and sharing 4x4 experiences on this forum. Feel free to say g'day below.