Installation of UHF into Navara D40


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G'day lads, first time poster.

I recently got a 2nd hand GME TX3540 UHF Radio and i want to install it into my Nissan Navara St 2015 D40 model.
Im wondering how other people have stored them in their cars and if anybody has any tips on installing the uhf?
I am also curious, i have a uniden antenna and obviously the GME uhf, from what i have found i need a male to male uhf antenna extension cable?

Thanks alot for any replies!


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Have a pathfinder but my icom is fitted in the pocket behind the gear stick in the dash.

Mate with his remote head gme mounted it in the sunglasses holder space in the roof.

Other option is pull the plastics off around the stereo (plenty of YouTube videos showing the steps). Lots of space behind the plastics to secure a uhf out of the way and just have a rj45 plug through into the cabin for the mic