1. C

    anyone know what bullbar this

    bought this bullbar for a nissan navara d40 and it just does not fit. wonder if someone could help workout what car it is for
  2. J

    Chasing a broken winch? Sydney area

    Anyone happen to have a busted ass old winch they don’t want anymore in the Sydney area? I’ve got a 2 inch lift kit installed recently which is setup to have a winch on the front. Unfortunately will probably be another 6 months until I can afford to buy a winch. Doesn’t need to work of course...
  3. M

    Rugged X Front bar swap

    Hi all, has anyone on here changed over to an aftermarket bullbar on there rugged x, if so can anyone advise me on what’s involved. Find it pretty useless that Toyota designed a car for “off-roading” but you can’t even mount things like antenna, spotlights etc. I’m thinking about going for the...
  4. 92Cruiser

    Winch rope fouls on winch support bar

    Recently installed a Domin8r X winch into my 80 series on a winch cradle I fab'd up to sit behind my ARB Non-Winch bar. As the cradle bolts to the bottom of the chassis the winch sits quite low compared to the front of the bar so I have flipped the winch around so it pulls from the top, but...
  5. D

    Help please bumper/bullbar

    I’m currently looking to replace these pieces as the clips have broken, but cannot for the life of me find anywhere that stocks them (probably not looking under the right name) Any help would be greatly appreciated. For a 2006 hilux dual cab
  6. Rackers03

    Can you mount a winch on a non-winch bullbar?

    Hi all, Just wondering if you can do this or not? I'm looking at a few cars and they come with bullbars, but doesn't say they are winch bars (and can't see mounts). Just wanted to see what people think and what I have to do. Thanks, Hugh
  7. Lewy_88

    Bullbar installation video - Uneek 4x4 Single Hoop

    We installed this bar over a couple of days. The instructions weren't great but we made it work. In the video I tried to address some of the points that were lacking in the instructions.
  8. O

    4wd upgrade advice

    I am about to buy a bull bar and a rear protection bar for my mq triton. This was inspired by backing the car into a small tree and getting panel damage due to the weak factory rear bumper bar just bending. Having a hard time choosing a place to go with as I have ruled out Ironman Cardiff, I...
  9. Ryan97

    Choosing a bullbar

    Looking to get a bullbar for my 2018 triton glx plus, I've looked into both the ironman deluxe commercial and protector, any other recommendations or thoughts on what would suit?
  10. J

    Help with a bullbar

    wasn't to sure where to post this. i brought a bullbar which was all boxed/taped up and he said its all there that he double checked and everything but after i got home the bolts/fitting instructions were not there and ive been requesting them for the last 4-5 weeks with no success. ive tried...
  11. HiluxingAlong

    1996 LN106 Winch Bull Bar

    Anyone have one of these bars kicking around? I have a non winch bar and want to swap it out...