1. K

    Brand New Rims are Wobbly - is it normal?

    G'day all, I got a brand new set of 15" x 8" Sunraysia Rims with 31" Hankook Mud Tyres fitted about a week ago. I went on my first longer drive with them the other day and someone driving behind me said my rear-left wheel was wobbling from side to side. I didn't notice any vibration really, not...
  2. K

    Is it worth buying a 2004 RA LX with 285km?

    I'm looking at buying a 2010 RA LX but is has 285,000km to it. Asking price is $10,000. Is it worth it or is it just going to cause problems at this age?
  3. UkDanHavinAgo

    Queens Birthday

    Hi guys new to the forum, I live in the cardina area. Was wondering if I could get a few members together for a day out 4wd. Over the birthday weekend.. any days suit.. Look forward to hearing from you.. Dan
  4. JayMohi

    Me and my KK

    hi guys, Would like to introduce me and my Jeep Cherokee KK to the forum, this is my first every 4wd, haven't done much since buying except Portland dunes and Grampians, looking forward to going out more. Next in line is to do Blue Rags and Billy Goats. \
  5. J

    Camping/ 4WD gear for Toyota Hilux

    G'day I have just brought a new hilux 2018, If anyone has got any of the following they would like to sell let me know! Or if you have anything you want to throw at me, I may also be interested! * roof rack cage * Jerry can holder * led bars * bull bar front * canopy extender * mudder...