New 4x4 enthusiasts in the making..


Hi All,

I thought I would introduce myself..

I am based in Brisbane and purchased my first 4x4, which is a Nissan Patrol 2007. I want to see as much as I can of this beautiful country.

I am not very "mechanically" minded, so would love to get to know my vehicle better, get tips, share my experiences etc.

Look forward to getting to know everyone here a little better.



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Welcome but be careful, 4wding is a disease that will eat you up, I bought my 1st 4wd nearly 15 years ago , a cheap $500 Disco 1 to take the family to Fraser Island with the plan to sell it once we got back, that car took me over 100,000km and a lot of 4wding,since then I have had 3 more and loved every one of them and even more so the places they have taken me.
Now all I do is go to work to pay for the next mod or the next trip...