57 – New Landcruiser 300 test drive and Ineos Grenadier test ride – What are they like?

Robert Pepper gives a detailed report on his Toyota LandCruiser 300 Test Drive and a test ride with the Ineos Grenadier.

What does he think of both of these vehicles?  These are 2 great examples of some of the new 4WDs that are coming out to cater for the needs of real 4 wheel drivers.  How are the manufacturers going in developing vehicles for the Australian bush and how do they point they way ahead as far as 4×4 vehicle trends?

What will the Ineos Grenadier be like offroad, how much will it cost and is it something we should be thinking about?  Who is it aimed at?

Ineos Grenadier Offroad

Robert Pepper gets a test ride in the Ineos Grenadier. How does he think it will perform offroad?

How does the new LandCruiser 300 improve on the previous LandCruiser?  How does the new engine and transmission perform?

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