Track 58 – 4WD Electric Myths – What kind of EV 4WDs will we be driving in 5 years time?

What will EV 4WDs be like in 5 or 10 years time?

Whether climate change is real or not (it is!), there is an undeniable trend away from fossil fuel vehicles, so what will EV 4WDs look like?  We talk to Robert Pepper about the EV 4WD myths and possibilities.

Obviously range is going to be an issue.  How will long-range trips be managed where there is nowhere to recharge? Can a 4WD recharge with panels on the roof?  Will improvements in efficiency and battery power to create vehicles with 1000km range?

What about hydrogen fuel cells for 4x4s?  Will the technology enable this cheap, but dangerous, fuel to provide the kind of range and power required to go offroad?  Hydrogen’s energy density. Diesel has an energy density of 45.5 megajoules per kilogram (MJ/kg), slightly lower than gasoline, which has an energy density of 45.8 MJ/kg. Hydrogen has an energy density of approximately 120 MJ/kg, almost three times more than diesel or gasoline.  Will Hydrogen be the answer for everyone heading offroad?  This is a big opportunity as we look for a solution that provides the range we need before filling up / refuelling.

I’ve still got an oiler, which every time I see what comes out the exhaust when I hit the accelerator, I think there has to be a better long term solution.

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