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Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

Discussion in 'General 4x4 Discussion' started by Swaggie, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Warn Industries Inc,Ateco Equipment,Smittybilt,TJM,Kingone,Ironman,Terrain Tamer, Mean Mother,T-Max, Aldi, Road Runner,Carbon etc

    Lowmounts Only:

    Investigating the Get It Wet and the Warranty Is Void fine print covered by 90% of winch manufacturers,There is hope with 6 Companies below in the Buy Section prepared to lead by example with there winches where MOST will not ... .

    * These recommendations are from personal experience and research. Manufacturers may change their warranty policies at any time without notice. Please Google your own research before making a decision.(Please check back as new winches will be added and information updated)..

    Winch Warranties:

    I have started this thread in relation to Companies/Manufacturers stating on there advertising 5 Year Warranties, Limited Lifetime and Lifetime Warranties on there winches only to hide behind the fine print regarding Water Ingress which makes these warranties TOTALLY Null And Void,Its only after the fact we find this out because generally i believe 95% of us do not read the fine print, where certainly not told by the salesman at the time because I'd bet you would probably laugh and walk away. Its not until you have an issue after your first river crossing/s after a break away in The High Country /Cape York etc etc and the winch siezes shortly after the trip away and you ring the Company only to be told the water exclusion is covered in the fine print and usually denial of the warranty is stated next.. Your on your own. Unless you want to pay to repair it under warranty, new motor etc and for them to remove and refit @ $100 plus an hour..

    Personal View:

    Now i don't believe its to much to ask that a Winch at least last the length of the Manufacturers Warranty.
    What i expect out of a winch is being able to drive into The High Country like they advertise, drive through as many river crossings,mud/snow etc etc and feel that the winch will perform like advertised. If there is a problem with water ingress that causes it to fail well its either repaired or replaced at there cost under warranty .

    The number one enemy for winches is water Full-stop. Warn believe its acceptable to allow water and electrics to mix inside the motor onto unprotected mild steel (motor, brushes and holder) I don't and i don't believe its too much to ask a $2400 winch to outlast its measly 1 year warranty either. Whats the use of a 1 year warranty when water or corrosion (well you need water/moisture mostly for the corrosion process to take place anyway) making the 1year warranty null and void and useless,don't forget they allow the water in through holes in the first place. I believe by Law they should have to apply a sticker or label on there product " Get it Wet and your Warranty Is Void"..The 5 years or limited lifetime warranty usually only covers the gearing end with most winches as most issues are electrical, people assume that these warranties cover the whole winch and Companies bank on this assumption when selling....I do believe the water issue should be stated in every warranty,not hide further behind the misuse wording that every Warranty has...

    So here's a number of Winch Manufacturers that have confirmed they will stand behind there Products and will Warrant there Winches if Water Ingress should cause Winch failure while in the Warranty Period .I've also decided that a min of 3-5 years Warranty for Electrical /Mechanical to be eligible for the Buy Section. I believe its a decent amount of time and shows they have faith in there Product's.

    Companies in the "Buy" section are worth supporting in my opinion ,especially for covering the Water Ingress Warranty alone. They cover for Mechanical/Electrical up to 5 years for the Original purchaser of the winch (So put your Receipts in a safe place ). They are leaps and bounds ahead of Competitors IMHO,and theirs plenty of those about these days on the Internet...

    Understanding I.P Ratings
    IP Code,Ingress Protection Rating like IP66, IP Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Warning: If sellers are selling online and you cannot find the full warranty, terms and conditions about the winch on the site personally its a concern.

    ***** BUY *****

    1: New T-Max X-Power Winches :


    XPower 9500lb: Costs around $1200 with Dyneema Rope. 12000lb Costs around $1400 with Dyneema Rope.
    T-Max have just released there Independently Tested range of I.P 67 rated winches. It has been tested to run 1 metre under water for 30 minutes. All I can say is wow.

    Info about the T-Max Waterproof Winches: IP67 Winches 6 page.pdf?dl=0

    The Testing:



    see the latest 4x4 Australia magazine advertisement
    Look for the new X-POWER series

    T-Max Australia has a 5 year mechanical/2 year Electrical Warranty (now 5 years for both)



    Hi Dave from T-Max Australia

    We are happy to extend our warranty policy to 5 years for both Mechanical and Electrical

    As mentioned already we do not exclude water ingress in our warranty
    T-MAX have announced the 1st IP67 independently tested water proof winch because it has been a major project of our company now for the last 3 years!!
    IP67 is a world standard,tested by 100psi water blasting the winch for a period time along with the 8 hour Vacuum chamber under pressure test for DUST !!

    Dave MacNamara, T-Max Australia


    Swaggie: Very easy to contact.

    2: Runva: Lifetime Mechanical Warranty - This covers all Mechanical Components on the winch.
    (Except Steel Cable and Dyneema Winch Rope)

    5 Year Electrical Warranty – this covers all Electrical Components on the winch.

    No Yearly Servicing Required
    No Hidden Fine print
    Extremely low failure rate.
    In the unlikely event of a claim, they are acknowledged and handled very quickly

    Swaggie: Runva Australia have now signed up to 4x4earth to answer any of your questions..

    New - Road Runner Offroad Winches:


    Finally.. A winch we are proud to put our name on!
    The Road Runner Offroad range of winches have taken years of searching for the strongest, most reliable and best value for money winch. We believe we have come up with the ultimate.
    Great performance, reliability, strength and a warranty we stand by and at a price that represents great value for money.

    RRO 12500lbs 12v 6hp Electric 4wd winch Synthetic rope
    5yr warranty @ $849.00
    RRO 9500lbs 12v 6hp Electric 4wd winch Synthetic rope 5yr warranty @ $799.00

    Swaggie: These guys were easy to deal with also,they were quick to read this thread and jump onboard which means another Company that is willing to look after fellow 4wdrivers requiring a winch . I"d also like to thank Cam from Road Runner for sorting it all out and confirming they will not exclude water ingress,its written plainly in there updated warranty...

    Warranty Statement: 12500s Warranty Terms and conditions.pdf

    Swaggie: Very easy to contact.

    4: IRONMAN Monster Winches:


    3 Year Warranty-
    The Ironman 4x4 winch has a 3 year winch warranty to cover all manufacturing errors. With the new release it covers water ingress under normal winching condition. (I.E. I do not think using the winch while it is submerged as normal. We understand winches going through river crossings). We are the only winch on the market to provide a motor breather as standard and we believe this will stop most chances of water getting in. we did extensive testing and found with was the best water to balance pressure.

    We do not have any servicing requirements, small print etc.We do however suggest that the winch is fitted correctly – follow the instructions provided.We do recommend you regularly use your winch (any winch for that matter) - a list is provided in the manual. This is also after water crossings.

    We do recommend maintaining your winch. A list is provided in the manual:


    Adam Craze (Director) 4x4Products

    Warranty: 4x4 Suspension & Accessories - Ironman 4x4

    Swaggie: Very Easy to contact and members on this site to answer questions...

    5: Terrain Tamer Winches:


    Electric Winch Series 3 (9500lb)...Warranty is 3 years

    Electric Winch Series 3 (9500lb) Water Resistant - Terrain Tamer 4WD Parts


    This process is what i personally think is very important..


    Swaggie: Very easy to contact and are members on this site...

    6: Aldi Auto XS 9500lb Winch:

    This winch is $399 when it comes on sale at a Special Deal..Its wire rope with a remote and its rated I.P67..It comes with a 3year warranty and they don't exclude water..Also if you have to send it back to the manufacturer its reply paid (you don't pay a cent)..Its the only one i know of that does this..

    Ive heard great reports about this winch out in the field from other members...If a member buys one could you please take some photo's and send them to me please..

    Swaggie: Contact was easy..

    Please Note:
    Just be aware and I'm not sure of the brand, The winch in there latest catalogue 18.8.2015 only comes with a One Year Warranty.I cannot read the brand name....



    Note: To be fair to the rest please advise me A.S.A.P if any of the Terms above change and you have issues on return regarding WATER ingress of the winch..Don't forget the best maintenance is to regulary use them, even if it's just winding them in and out once a month..

    I would also like to thank the above Manufacturers for taking part and reading this thread,also for taking the time to answer my emails and phone calls with ease and for also answering members posts, which is what you want in case there is ever a Warranty issue and questions related to the winch etc, These Companies care about there Products and there Customers...Thank you for confirming your "Water Ingress Policy" and Goodluck for the future. .:):)



    Here is a list of exclusions from a few winch manufacturers warranties: 1. Water 2. Act Of God 3: Environment 4. Temperature 5. Humidity 6. Pressure 7. Misuse 8. Misapplication 9. Collision 10. Fire 11. Improper Service 12. Stress or Similar 13. Abuse 14. Modification 15. Terrorism...:eek:

    Companies that have a "Get it Wet or the Warranty's Void Policy on there Winches"

    1: Latest WARN Zeon Platinum Winches I.P68 -Low-Mount Winches
    - Added To Walk Section Below

    2: New Domin8tor 1200lb IP67 with Dyneema rope ,recommended price is $646 5 Year Warranty (12 Months on control box)

    Exclusions: Components that have water or corrosion damage are not covered under warranty.

    Link to there warranty has now been removed,I cannot find there warranty status at this point in time....April 2015

    (To be honest, there's too many negative reports about dealing with this Company from members taking months to sort out, so I'm not bothering to contact them, especially when you get great service and backup from the guys from the buy section)...

    3: Mean Mother Boss Series,Edge Series ,recommended price is $1799..It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Exclusion: The product has been subject to abnormal conditions,including environment :eek: ,temperature :eek: ,water :eek::eek:, fire, humidity :eek:,pressure :eek:stress or similar..

    Me: (the above is everything you'll encounter in The High Country,not good).. The "MOTHER" of exclusions... :eek:

    4: Premier Winches: No downloadable warranty.Will email them.

    On there site: Warranty

    Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. Wire ropes are not included under warranty.

    5: NEW TJM Torq Winch

    OLD: TJM 9500lb Winch: Added to Walk Section

    Off Site: Engineered and manufactured by TJM in our 100% owned factory, the TJM winch range is 100% supported by TJM with a 24 month warranty. - See more at:

    6: Avenger Winches: Added To Walk Section Below

    7: Ironman Winch: Added To BUY Section

    Communication with these guys has been easy and positive,something you need to keep in mind when dealing with returns and warranty issues or just 4x4 gear in general.

    8: Bushranger Winches: 9500lb recommended retail price $1,485.00, Added To Walk Section

    Too busy to deal with this issue...Several phones calls over months and contact was made on each occasion.

    9: T-Max Winches: Added To BUY Section

    10: Roo Systems: 12,000LB Roo 7hp Winch,Online price $845

    OUR PROMISE:Mission Statement:
    Returns Policy
    We will only exchange the goods for major defects or in the event that the product is substantially different to what was advertised or is not capable of doing a substantial part of its intended purpose.

    Will verify water ingress policy..

    Me: although the statement above looks like its in the lines of the The Australian Consumer Law post which maybe promising...

    11.Opposite Lock: Kingone Avenger VRS V9500S(RRP-No pricing) Added To Walk Section Below

    12.Terrain Tamer: Added To Buy Section

    13: Comeup Seal Series Winches: Added to walk section

    1 year on electrical

    COMEUP INDUSTRIES INC. - Manufacturer of Premium Winches

    14: Smittybilt X20 10 Winch Warranty doesn't seem to accessible on there site..Will email.
    Added to Walk Section

    15: Aldi Winch (XS) Added To BUY Section

    $399 Special Buy and 3 Year warranty..Return policy needs to be verified

    16: Road Runner Winches: Price (each): AU $849.00 Added To Buy Section
    RRO 12500lbs 12v 6hp Electric 4wd winch Synthetic rope 5yr warranty 12500s Warranty Terms and conditions.pdf

    17: Sherpa 4x4 Winches- Added To Walk Section

    18: Carbon Winches : KPD


    Mean Mother
    Roo Systems

    The winch Order does not reflect the worst warranty at this point in time,
    I will add more Companies along the way as i go through there warranties..

    If Companies wish to change there Warranties i can easily put them in the Buy Section.
    I am happy to make corrections where i am wrong also.

    ######## WALK ########

    Note: These Companies can contact me anytime through private message on this site

    1: NEW WARN Zeon Platinum Winches: I.P68 Limited Lifetime Warranty on Mechanical .. One Year Warranty on Electrical's only.


    Designed to perform in the most strenuous conditions imaginable, Warn has demonstrated constant innovation throughout their history, investing heavily in state of the art testing equipment to ensure their products perform brilliantly, irrespective of the environmental conditions. :eek::eek:

    Excludes: This warranty does not apply (i) to finish, synthetic
    rope and wire rope, or (ii) if the winch has been damage
    d by accident,
    abuse, misuse, collision, overloading, modification, misapplication, improper installation, or improper service.
    warranty is void if any WARN serial number has been removed or defaced

    WARN Warranty: It appears ARB have removed the Winch Warranty Statements from there Australian Site, interesting because they were there at the start of this thread and the Warn International Warranty states to look for the Warranty for each Country, I'm finding it hard to find a Warn Platinum warranty statement apart from the Limited Lifetime speal on ARB site..March 2016
    I do know it now states "Do not submerge in water unless I.P68" so all us mugs that bought before these latest I.P68 Warm Winches your on your own.

    OK I hunted one down from the U.S:

    This is on Page 5 off there latest warranty,this also applies to there IP68 rated winches also: Never Submerge Winch In Water


    Ok from personal experience ARB would not warrant my Warn 9.5xp winch 2 months into Warranty because i went through rivers around Dargo over Summer (December) basically soon as it was installed by them, in Pres-tine water that i drank from (so if the winch could not handle that I had bucklys of it standing up against anything else out there).The get it wet water clause (voids warranty) came into play when i called them about it ..



    Youll see the three brushes rusted in there holders giving the click click noise..



    Very little grease from factory.



    Ok I have come to the conclusion that if your Warn Winch gets wet in the Warranty period there going to knock you back on warranty whether it's through ARB or Ateco full-stop. So basically the 1 year warranty is useless because it's only the electricals that basically fail and they will because of the very poor sealing (protection of parts from rusting) at manufacture as you see in the above pictures.. So pull it apart from new,(Voids Warranty tho and catch it before it rusts even a spec)..Also water is let in driving to and from work so don't for one minute think I haven't been through a river it will be fine because it wont..Now you make this decision at your own risk, it's what I should have done and would have had someone advised me at the time ... If you don't feel your up to it or couldn't be bothered ring Mal Leslie below (a gentleman may I add and very easy to talk too and very helpful)...

    Link to rebuild :
    How to rebuild a low mount Warn step by step

    If you choose to have your Warn Winch resealed professionally to how it should of been from manufacture (in my opinion) i highly recommend :

    Mel Leslie S G & Sons Pty Ltd
    19 Mologa Rd, Heidelberg West VIC 3081
    Heidelberg West, VIC

    (03) 9459 2859

    Extra reading:!topic/

    2:Opposite Lock VRS winches:

    Warranty info off site: Most products supplied by an Opposite Lock store are covered by our Two (2) Year Warranty unless otherwise specified. Products of a consumable nature such as light globes, filters or products used in extreme applications or subject to abuse may be excluded.
    Our Warranty provides for the repair of the faulty product at any Opposite Lock store. The following conditions and procedures apply to the warranty. Nothing in these conditions is intended to reduce the rights of the purchaser as provided by the Trade Practices Act or other government legislation.

    Water ingress policy needs to be verified by them, although one member has had his winch knocked back on the basis of this. I will wait for there response. 24.8.2013 (still nothing and its the (June.2014)..There aware of this thread..

    Various verbal attempts were by made me and another member at the Show.They have now charged one of our members to fix water ingress on his winch in the Warranty period..

    They also sell WARN winches...

    3: Avenger Winches: TDS and KDS series: 10,000lb RRP $945.00

    Australia's greatest winch, and we can prove it.

    King-one winches have become a household name throughout the world market. With their extremely strict manufacturing process and build quality, you can be assured any King-one winch you buy will work - when you want it to, and more importantly, when you need it to....*

    King-one winch was the winner of the last Australian 4WD Action MEGA winch comparison which was also awarded LIGHTEST WINCH & BEST VALUE for MONEY.

    This is why we've given them a 12 month electrical/LIFETIME mechanical warranty.

    Me: Hardly an Award Winning Warranty @ 12 months...


    Warranty: Correct warranty being sent by email (It hasn't been forthcoming)

    We have also given the KDS Series a 12 month electrical/lifetime mechanical warranty.

    Rang them twice and let them know about this thread,they also stated they would send me there warranty after giving them my email addy...Still nothing ...

    4:TJM Winches

    Spoke to Brad cooper by mobile a couple of times in Queensland and a few emails which started off positive..Weeks went by when i was told i would get a answer about there water ingress so i called again,eventually received the standard warranty and asked if they would like to adjust anything to come into line with the manufacturers in the buy section...Here's the warranty i waited for about a month..They will not commit to the water ingress policy

    Warranty Statement

    Below is the standard warranty statement from TJM in regards to our winches.Water ingress claims are warranted to a winch on a customer by customer basis. Exclusions from this warranty are to the finish and any conditions TJM Products determines to have been caused by abuse or abnormal use.

    TJM Products warrants each winch against factory defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser for the period of two years. The owner will be responsible for removing the winch and returning it to TJM Products freight prepaid. TJM Products will repair or replace at TJM’s discretion the defective product or part. The purchaser must send a copy of receipt to qualify for warranty. Exclusions from this warranty are to the finish and any conditions TJM Products determines to have been caused by abuse or abnormal use. This warranty shall not apply to any electric winch improperly operated or improperly installed. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the original purchaser.

    Winch Maintenance

    It is highly recommended that the winch be operated regularly (once a month). Simply power the cable out 15m,

    free spool 5m and then power back in. This will keep all components in good working condition so that the winch can be relied on when needed.

    I will also ask the warranty department to add to this statement early next week



    5:Bushranger Winches:

    * Limited lifetime warranty for mechanical components. Limited one (1) year warrant for electrical components.

    OK after a couple of phone calls and emails to Bushranger over a couple of months because they were going to look into it, i received the same answer every time when i called,they are just too busy to look into this issue.I said when you get a chance email or call me.Its been over a year now and no word...

    6: Comeup Series Winches:

    1 year warranty

    7: Premier Winches:

    1 year warranty

    Rang the number from the website and it went through to Alan at Piranha..There not warranted against water..

    8: Smittybilt Winches:

    As they haven't a Warranty Statement on there website I emailed them on the 26/6/14 and then again on the 7/7/14 and I haven't received a reply...

    9: Sherpa Winches: 5 Year Warranty
    Any sign of water,corrosion the warranty is void...
    Warranty T&C -





    """Extra Reading""""

    Battle Of The Winches By 4wdAction from issue no: 159

    I picked up this booklet from a 4wd store recently when I went to pick up my shackles. Upon reading it I noticed a statement about Repco's Maxi Trac MT10000 model winch, It was the cheapest winch they tested and the statement goes like this which I found very interesting "But you have to worry when the manufacturer advises that the warranty will be void if the winch is used in water and mud" .. . BINGO That's the statement of the year for me personally ..;) and what this thread is all about. Even the dearer branded winches can have the same wording.

    Well what about all the other winches you tested it's lucky the rest come with Lifetime/ Limited Lifetime warranties then I guess it makes the buyer feel warm and fuzzy inside. Are you going to accept that because they have these types of warranties your not going to look any further into it because it sounds great,I guess who wouldn't mind a lifetime guarantee on a product right. You don't trust the manufacturers specs on winches out in the real world that's why your testing the winches in the first place, it's about time 4wd action looks very closely at the manufacturers warranties in future if they want to be fair to there readers and honest, also when it comes to warranties one company is truthful about it and gets ostracized while the bigger companies get away without mention ...I guess Repco are not a Sponsor or Advertiser :eek:

    It's very interesting the Companies that get asked to supply winches for testing , what about Runva, T-Max, Ironman etc etc. There's better winches out there with great back up warranties to be tested and there overlooking them. Replacement parts which was a priority in the round of testing wouldn't be of a great concern if they made better waterproof winches (although T- Max and Runva already support water ingress with 5 years on mechanical and electrical, so no need for parts first 5 years) instead of Aussie Companies continually supporting Manufacturers that have terrible warranties and wont support water ingress which is about 90‰ of winches you tested in this booklet..

    For example you can buy 3 x Runva winches compared to lets say 1 X Warn 9.5xp..Runva cover water ingress Warn Do not so there's 15 Years (3 @ 5 years per Runva winch) and no parts required for that time. Warn don't cover water ingress and your on your own....Unless you want to buy more motors and parts requiring more $$$$$$$$

    The winches tested were: KINGONE, Bushranger, Magnum, Maxi Track, Premier, Superwinch, Tigerz 11,TJM, Warn and Terrain Tamer .

    1st was KINGONE, 2nd was Premier, 3rd was Warn for those that may ask. All won't support water ingress just like Repco's Maxi Trac while in the warranty period.

    Found link to Battle Of The Winches here:


    Please Note: I have no affiliation with any of these Companies..Also all Warranties only apply to the Original Purchaser with an Original Receipt ,So put the receipt away somewhere safe...As I go through the list I am personally contacting them by mobile to talk about this thread for there perusal , giving them the opportunity to respond when I call them back at a later date.
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  2. joebog

    joebog New Member

    THankx Swaggie !!!
    I have a Tigers Grande 12,000 lb'r
    so its good anchor after its been wet huh ??

    Im just at this very instant building a new bullbar to carry it properly!!
    I will keep it in mind.
    BUT !!!! Australian law says they MUST honour warranty for 12 months.
    DOES the fine print void this government guarantee ??

  3. 03GV

    03GV Member

    Thats the exact reason I went with a Runva. Good feedback from people who said any problem will be sorted promptly!
  4. tankbloke

    tankbloke 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Goodonya swaggie. Too much smoke and mirrors with a lot of warranty promises. Not just on winches, but this thread is a great start.:)
  5. TheLocksmith

    TheLocksmith New Member

    Also Runva give warranty on submersion and river crossings. I talked to Michael a while back and it covers everything.

    Come Get Some - Sent from my iPhone
  6. BOUNCY HJ61

    BOUNCY HJ61 Active Member

    Great Thread Swaggie,

    Runva, Reads Really Good Quality.
    I Was Looking At The 12,000lb With The 7.2hp, Thats Great
    The Video Shows It Made Short Work Of Getting Up That Mountain Too!
    The Only Thing I Didn't Find Is Where They Are Made?
    I'll Go Take Another Look.
    Might "String Up" Bouncy Soon.

    Cheers Michael
  7. bally

    bally Banned

    just watch out with the dimensions of the 12000lb runva's. they are a bit longer then other slowmounts... we had to modify a 76 series wagons standard toyota winch bar to make it fit.....
  8. Watt

    Watt New Member

    This is a great thread but if you drown your winch and it fills with water you should clean it out..
    look after your gear and it will look after you..
    I wouldn't expect a car manufacturer to warranty a car that has drowned in a river..
    You put it in the water!
    Winches are not fully sealed, they have holes as the heat builds up and needs the air pressure to escape.. just like diffs and gearbox.

    However, i do think control boxes should be fully sealed and warrantied.. thats a common failure point!
    The money warn make on their products they should have a decent warranty and stick to it!

    Well done for getting into the fine print for us all, i know i havent read the warranty for my tigerz grande..
  9. bally

    bally Banned

    drilling and tapping a breath into the motor housing is a good option firstly to let some heat vent and secondly to stop water being sucked in past the seal if you winching in water (hot motor gets quenched, sucks water past seals as it rapdly cools and creates a vacuum).

    its not the control boxes that need sealing but the solenoids... runva are a one piece fully sealed unit....
  10. rogerazz

    rogerazz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    I recently bought my first winch, a Tigerz11 Grande, however cannot claim to know to much about winches in general apart from research, listening and learning.
    Just to quote my own comments from another recent thread on winches.

    QUOTE "Just got home from the Tigerz11 Factory outlet in Lilydale. Thought I would go and see them personally. The fellow that puts them together and pulls them apart took me out the back and gave me a detailed run down on everything from rope size (10 mm is shorter than 8mm so can fit on same drum) ,strenght of the new 12000 lb dominator selling for under $700.00 as a special with a lifetime warranty. He said he personally tested it by pulling two Landcruisers linked together up an incline where they could not get up with lockers.
    Now the important question of immersion in water.
    He said no winch manufacturer will give that sort of warranty. However he went on to show me the seals on both motor and control box. I personally checked the seals, rubber etc. and was very impressed. He then went on to explain how certain competitors seal their winches and control boxes and the faults in the way they seal them. He said that he only came across one Tigerz11 winch motor that leaked and that was where a lead was attached by correctly screwing on, however the nut below that was loose and water entered the motor underneath the gasket seal which was also loose underneath.
    The bolt therefore was loose on the motor.
    As far as how good is the motor, well I guess I will eventually find out. But say if it goes in 5years ( the warranty) I may buy the Dominator ( lifetime warranty).

    P.S. I have just emailed Runva specifically asking about sealing against water immersion and if covered under warranty." END OF QUOTE.
    QUOTE "G'day again,
    Just got an email back from Runva.
    They claim winch is fully sealed if you spend $10.00 to seal it up. The solenoid is waterproof. The wireless receiver is semi waterproof so would either move it or just seal it up a bit more.

    It will take about 15 minutes to seal it all to a very high standard.

    It will be covered under warranty if you seal it up- They will tell you how to seal once you have the winch.
    Sounds good.
    I am a bit confused that this cheap and simple operation is not done at the initial manufacture. Maybe spare parts division is a good money spinner.
    Maybe enough enquiries to other manufacturers as well might change the way all winches are sealed during manufacture, including a full warranty.
    Sounds like it's time for them to look at water ingress along with strenght and reliability of operation to be competitive" END OF QUOTE.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
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  11. crtx

    crtx Member

    tigerz11 warranty ain't worth the papers its written on.
  12. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Thanks guys for the kind words, will look through more warranties over the weekend and add accordingly ..

    Tapping a thread on the motor end, im not sure it's needed, if you've sealed your motor properly and sprayed a fair bit of Lanonlol in it, it will be fine,Well mine has considering beforehand it failed all the time and leaked like a sieve, its been on for two years and because of no more breakdowns will leave it another year and crack it open then, also read one bloke has organized compressed air to his Warn motor to keep water out. ..Bit over the top but I can understand if it's failed a lot previously. ..

  13. bally

    bally Banned

    the ides is exactly the same as your diff breathers.... doesnt matter how well its sealed, when it creates a vacuum due to the sudden cooling from water immersion when hot its going to find a way to equalize the pressure difference...... by giving it a way to equalize pressure with clean dry air there is definitely no chance of water ingress when sealed.
  14. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Thats why i am interested when i crack my winch open after this season,i will post up pictures...;)

    Also if you guys want a particular winch looked at please post and i will get around to it...:):)
  15. BOUNCY HJ61

    BOUNCY HJ61 Active Member

    Cheers Swaggie,

    I Always Thought "PREMIER WINCHES" Were Very Good?

    Cheers Michael
  16. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Anchor: Id forget about the warranty and pull apart and seal mate so your happy with it..

    Australian Law,every company can place Exceptions to a product,otherwise you could do anything to it and they would have to replace it,just like your Samsung (root it and its not warranted)..Sorry to remind you about it again...lmao
  17. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Yeah so did i mate,i was going to buy that instead of a Warn but my mate insisted i buy the Warn..:eek::eek:

    Anyway that was about 5 years ago now and i didn't bother to look at there warranty either so lets see...


    Ok no downloadable warranty will have to email them...But this is on there site so like the water coverage but we'll see...


    Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase. Wire ropes are not included under warranty.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
  18. Swaggie

    Swaggie Moderator

    Runva are making a difference in the way warranties are written, covering the lot, that's confidence in your product, that's where the others are stuck in a time warp thinking it cannot be done.. Heat kills electronics just like water can, so if you continue to flog your winch so it gets to hot you'll eventually burn it out while giving your batteries a complete flogging also, what's the bloody hurry I say. I've winched 70 odd metres up a steep spur on a 35 degree day and it only ever got warm. .

    Take your time winching
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  19. Croozer

    Croozer Well-Known Member

  20. BOUNCY HJ61

    BOUNCY HJ61 Active Member

    Thanks For The Reminder Bally!
    Cheers Mate.

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