1. K

    Spare tyre size inquiry

    Good evening gents, I have a full time 4wd car that i have bought 4 after market wheels for (285/50/20) and no spare unfortunately as its unavailable everywhere, but the car comes with a full sized spare with a diameter of 33.5 inches (265/55/22). Now my question is can I use my OEM full sized...
  2. P

    17 inch MQ GLS wheels on MR GLS

    Hi all I'm keen to pick up a set of off road tires that I'll use a couple of times a year for some trips to the snow or mud, nothing extreme so I thought I'd buy off Gumtree, keep my stock 18's with HT for most of the time and use some near new ATs for the trips. Only issue is the new GLS brakes...
  3. J

    LN167 Hilux Wheels & Tyres

    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Ln167 Hilux. I’m looking for any advice on wheels and tyres. I’d like to put 32s or even 33s if they fit onto a 16x8 wheel but I’m having trouble finding any info on what offset and tyre size I’d need any info would be greatly appreciated
  4. Mgeezax

    Ln167 what size tyres are legal/will fit

    Hey Guys, Been doing a bit of work to the old girl, putting in a 2inch tough dog lift tomorrow with a mate and was wondering if anyone has any experience on fitting 33s under them? Also what are the Vic Regs on this stuff? Is there a max tyre with a 2inch lift? I read somewhere here that you...
  5. M

    Looking to get bigger tyres

    Hey lads, I’ve got a Toyota landcruiser 79 series single cab HZJ79R. Currently got 265/70R16 road tyres on it. Looking to get either 285/75R16 muddys or all terrains. It’s a stock cruiser (no lift on it, stock suspension ect.) I feel as though they will fit no problem for the back but not too...
  6. T

    Ford Ranger PX3 Aftermarket Wheel Fitment

    G'day guys, new to this forum. Recently I got myself a ranger, currently it's fully stock and looking to modify for occasional 4x4 and touring. First on the list is a set of new wheels and tyres. It does not have any flares and not interested in fitting one. In terms of the diameter and tyre...