17 inch MQ GLS wheels on MR GLS


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Hi all
I'm keen to pick up a set of off road tires that I'll use a couple of times a year for some trips to the snow or mud, nothing extreme so I thought I'd buy off Gumtree, keep my stock 18's with HT for most of the time and use some near new ATs for the trips.
Only issue is the new GLS brakes being so big that you can't fit a lot of wheels over the calipers. I've read some people say you can't fit 17s at all but I've also seen pictures of people with 17s no worries. If anyone knows any other brand's stock wheels that fit wheel in 17 (Hilux, Ranger, Dmax, even other Triton wheels that fit, etc.) then please let me know. I know anything will fit on the lower spec Tritons, this is specifically the GLS or GSR with the big brakes.

But the main question is:
Do the 17 inch MQ GLS wheels fit on an MR GLS with the bigger brakes?

Pic below, it's the 12 spoke wheels, grey, from the 2018 MQ GLS if the picture doesn't work.


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Front rotors are 320mm. I would be very surprised if a 17 inch rim would not fit. Pajeros and Prado have a 330mm front rotor with 4 piston calipers with 17 inch rims. Sounds like the salesman is selling what he wants. Not what you asked for.


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This is a really good site to check if wheels and tyres fit, and a few other goodies too. It has international models like the triton.



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I bit the bullet and bought a used pair, they fit!
Great for people with an MR GLS who want a second pair of wheels for off-road tires. I've kept my road tires on the 18s and now have a set of 265/70r17 on the 17s