LN167 Hilux Wheels & Tyres


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Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Ln167 Hilux. I’m looking for any advice on wheels and tyres. I’d like to put 32s or even 33s if they fit onto a 16x8 wheel but I’m having trouble finding any info on what offset and tyre size I’d need

any info would be greatly appreciated


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205R16C is standard = 29 inch + 2inch = 31 inch which is legal

as 32 or 33 is illegal, i'm not telling you they fit, but i will tell you it will be so gutless it won't pull the skin off custard

looks good, drive slow as a pig swimming in cheese, and drink like an alcoholic aardvark.

the most common above standard road legal tyre is a 31-10.5-15 .... being a 15inch rim, fit inside the guard, no flares, no offset rims and depending on brand [shapes do vary] do not scrub inner guards or chassis.
as you have 16x8 rims? rims are only 50$ to 75$ each, or you could borrow a set from someone that does not need them as badly as you do? it's only money and you spending 12? 15? hundred on tyres, blow another 5 hungee on rims:cool:


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Old landcruiser offset rims, 2” body lift, 2” suspension lift and a little bit of hammer work will just get 33’s under one. Not easy to do like whacking some springs in.