1. J

    Aerial separation

    Hi all, I have a UHF and a CelFi Go aerial mounted on the bullbar of my 4wd. The other day a bloke was telling me that I would be getting interference between the two because he thought they were too close (on the same side, approx 15cm apart). What are your thoughts? TIA
  2. Rackers03

    Using UHF antenna for AM/FM radio?

    G'day all, I've got an old shitbox lux for the farm ('85 Ln65 4x4 bought for $500) and the factory radio antenna has not been there for a long time now. And I was wondering if it is possible to use a UHF antenna as my AM/FM radio antenna, and if it is possible to have it mounted on the bullbar...
  3. HammyPrado

    GME XRS Connect

    I recently bought a GME XRS Connect for my 2019 Prado Kakadu, it was a pretty easy install, the unit itself is pretty small so i mounted that behind the glove box next to the Navigation Unit, ran the wire next to the battery through the firewall. The only issue i had was finding a RJ45...
  4. S

    Installation of UHF into Navara D40

    G'day lads, first time poster. I recently got a 2nd hand GME TX3540 UHF Radio and i want to install it into my Nissan Navara St 2015 D40 model. Im wondering how other people have stored them in their cars and if anybody has any tips on installing the uhf? I am also curious, i have a uniden...
  5. K

    VHF or UHF

    Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a CB radio and have read there are many types, but UHF and VHF don't talk to each other. Which is better for 4WDing, Convoy and monitoring road issues. Also are there any unwritten rules on how to and not to use a radio? I know Channel 5 and 35 on UHF are...