south australia

  1. A

    camping location advise sa

    Hi all, New member here, i am trying to plan a camping trip for myself and about 6 others somewhere along the murray. We will be in swags and 1 or 2 tents so no caravan but am wanting a fire sort of setup where we can have a firepit , talk crap listen to some music drinks food and carryon good...
  2. yorke7

    Firewood collection tips

    Hi all, going on a trip for 3 weeks in june from adelaide following the murray and then to the flinders and back via melrose. Since its a longer trip i'm hoping for tips on firewood, we cook dinner on the fire most nights so go through a fair bit. How does everyone get their firewood? on...
  3. T

    Recommendation on next mods. Where to get installed/tuned etc South Australia

    Hello everyone, new owner of a 5 speed manual 05 3.2l NP Pajero 218k km I'm thinking of getting some work done in the near future but not sure where to go to get it done... Morpowa only does tune and fits exhaust, and willall don't do them at all now. Below is some of what I'm thinking...
  4. Zamunda

    Outback Loop | Part 3 - At The Lowest Point

    As I continue on my discovery of Outback South Australia I visit the smallest settlement in the country, pay my respects to a fallen fellow traveller and camp at the lowest point in Australia. I hope you are enjoying the series. Keep watching my channel for the next episodes which will be...
  5. Zamunda

    Trip Video | Part 2 - now out

    When we told friends that Coober Pedy was one of the places we will be visiting many said: "why do you want to spend three days in that dusty place?!". Well, we have never been known to listen to others so off we went. Yes, it was a dusty town, but there was so much see and experience. It is...
  6. Zamunda

    Trip Report | Part 1 Now Out

    Recently I did part of the Oodnadatta track. Started from Adelaide, through Coober Pedy and then on to William Creek. I have turned this into a video series and the first part is now out on Youtube. Hope you like it. @BIGCOL @rogerazz
  7. Zamunda

    Our Discovery Of Australia Continues

    Hey everyone Some of you might know, my wife and I are relatively new to Aus. Been here four years and a bit. Since coming over we've always wanted to travel the outback and discover the real Australia, so that's what we have got into doing (when time permits). Lots of friends and family back...