1. O

    DIY service question

    Hi, Took my nissan navara d22 2010 to Nissan dealer and they have a list of things that need doing. Does anything in the list below seem suitable for a beginner/newbie to service and DIY? - Steering drag link has excessive play (quoted $1042 AUD) - Radiator coolant bleed and fluid replacement...
  2. Waswell

    Minor Service - Early 2000's era Diesel Engine (HZJ105)

    I am relatively new to engines (and 4wd's) and am trying to learn more. I thought a good step towards learning would be to do the minor/6 month service on my 105 series Landcruiser while i'm in quarantine lock-down. Can anyone tell me what items I should be covering with this? I'm fine with the...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    My attempt at DIY oil and filter change.

    A quick DIY service on my 2012 Hilux SR (3.0 diesel D4D engine.) With my service overdue by over a thousand kms I took my 4x4 over to my brother Matt to teach me how to do an oil change and replace the oil and fuel filters pre road trip Do you do your own oil and filter changes? It's definitely...
  4. Stascrash

    Winch Repair

    Hey guys. I got a Warn Powerplant Dual HP winch, I think the winch was installed sometime in 2010 give or take, came with car. It gave up on me after a recent 4wd experience. It got dipped in the water and no longer wants to run. I took the entire thing apart, cleaned it, re-greased all the...
  5. Robbie_P

    Mechanic recommendation in Brisbane?

    Hi All, I took my 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) for its first service (120km) since owning the vehicle. I just took it to the local mechanic in Wynnum (Brisbane) as they seemed to have good reviews, pretty convenient etc. His service seemed very good and alot cheaper than the Nissan dealer...
  6. Robbie_P

    2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) - 120km Service

    Hi All, I purchased my 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) about 6 months ago and today I took it for its first service since owning the vehicle (120km service). The service cost $690 and they did everything required, such as replacing fluids and filters etc. They also mentioned the below 3...
  7. Robbie_P

    My 2007 Nissan Patrol due for 115km service..

    Hi All, I recently purchased at 2007 Patrol and its due for a service at 115km, currently its about 114km. Is it recommended to take it for a service at Nissan or should I try find a 4x4 service centre / mechanic? Cheers, Robbie
  8. Robbie_P

    Nissan Patrol Servicing

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol GU with 113k on the clock. I think the last service was done at 110k and the next one is due at 115k. Is it worth learning to service my own vehicle every 5k or is it worthwhile taking to to a mechanic, who may be able to find things i wouldn't...
  9. E

    Roo systems winch drum bearing or manual

    Hi everyone, New here! I have an old-ish (maybe 2012-14) Roo systems 12,000p winch on the front of my 76. Never really used it until recently up the extreme Mt Sunday Road track (5hrs to go 400m, winching in darkness, yay). Noticing a real bad crunching/screaming/grinding noise while...