2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) - 120km Service


Hi All,

I purchased my 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0 Diesel) about 6 months ago and today I took it for its first service since owning the vehicle (120km service).

The service cost $690 and they did everything required, such as replacing fluids and filters etc.

They also mentioned the below 3 items, which werent urgent, but should be looked at in the next few months:

1: L/H Rear axle oil seal starting to leak, will need seal and grease to be replaced ($550). He said if i leave it it could get all over brakes etc and becomes a bigger job.
2: Front wheel bearings needs seal and grease replaced ($450). He said while im doing the above, i might as well get this done.

Both the above they would require vehicle for 2 days as i think they axle gets worked on by someone else?

3: Turbo exhaust noise - This noise started about 2 weeks ago, but seems to have gone away after service.

He mentioned these are common issues but nothing major at all.

Keen to hear everyone's thoughts? Would it be helpful if i sent some pics of item 1 and 2?



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I would think thats a bit pricey, repack front wheel bearings and replace seals i a job that someone with basis skills should be able to do. The rear axle is a floating type too i think, if so then again very similar to doing the front


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I think only the leaf sprung utes had a floating type rear axle. To change the rear wheel bearing seals on the wagon would require new bearings as they pretty much have to be destroyed to get it all apart to replace seals. That is unless they have only quoted to replace the inner seals in the axle tube which only sometimes fixes the problem.