1. D

    NW Pajero Roof Rack

    Hello All, First time post for me here. I am in the market for a Roof Rack for my NW Pajero. I have been looking at the OCAM full length Alloy rack but have recently been told to stay away. Also been looking at the Rhino Rack Platform racks and Pioneer racks, Everyone seems to be using these...
  2. W

    Best Platform for a Pajero (Sport) Challenger 2018

    Looking for recommendations here guys, I need to get a platform on the Pajero soon. I've seen Rhino & of course the South African brand apparently, the Front Runner being quite active on social media, would these be the main ones?
  3. Bluepajee

    NJ Pajero 94' 2.8 4m40td

    Hello! Just gave up on a bronco restoration (got a working but dissasembled truck in dandenong VIC if you're keen for parts, performance research LPG 351c 5.8lt. bit of rust in fire wall, jams and pillars . So bought an NJ Pajero instead! Club plates was a must, engine is tired but 1 owner...
  4. jackylegs

    np pajero front cv replacement

    I'm not a mechanic nor is this a "how to" it's just the way i did it. jack up the vehicle and prop it with a stand remove the wheel remove the dust cap with a hammer and screwdriver (the most expensive bahco chisel you can find works really well too) remove the split pin undo the two...
  5. Jimmeh4ranger

    Bull bar gen one pajero

    Hi all, I’m new to this whole forum thing so I’ll give a brief intro. I have two 4wds atm one pk ranger xlt, awesome machine. I must find the thread on the 4wd actuation as it helped me out when the 4wd wouldn’t engage. The other 4wd is a 1992 nh pajero swb which I have got a gen one bull bar...
  6. Albury_Pajero

    2018 Pajero - taking shape

    Haven't done a lot yet, until today just upgraded stock road tyres to decent all terrain tyres and had a rhino rack fitted. Had a full bushskinz underbody protection set fitted today and also a Dobinson's 2" lift kit. Can't wait ot try it out.
  7. UkDanHavinAgo

    Queens Birthday

    Hi guys new to the forum, I live in the cardina area. Was wondering if I could get a few members together for a day out 4wd. Over the birthday weekend.. any days suit.. Look forward to hearing from you.. Dan
  8. denmonkey

    Bylong 4x4 park weekend

    Hey all, the weekend away to Bylong finally arrived and we're all back home without any major damage to anyone vehicles. My mates triton now has a loose rear bumper but other than that, all is good. A few of us spent 4 days up there with 6 cars and a side by side making the trip and...