np pajero front cv replacement


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I'm not a mechanic nor is this a "how to" it's just the way i did it.
  • jack up the vehicle and prop it with a stand
  • remove the wheel
  • remove the dust cap with a hammer and screwdriver (the most expensive bahco chisel you can find works really well too)
  • remove the split pin
  • undo the two bolts holding on the brake caliper (ones closest to the cv)
  • 20190710_153739.jpg
  • 20190710_153751.jpg
  • remove and tie up the caliper to the spring so its out of your way
  • 20190710_155155.jpg
  • use two bolts that fit properly into the hub and wind them in evenly to pop it off it its stuck, i did it only to make more room to move
  • put the rotor or disc to the side then remove the castle nut and washer
  • 20190710_155616.jpg
  • remove the three bolts from the upper and lower arm and put them where they will get lost
  • 20190710_161543.jpg
  • 20190710_161553.jpg
  • pull the hub off and hang next to the caliper
  • grab the cv and give a few gentle-ish tugs till it pops then slide it out being very careful not to damage the seal as you pull it out
  • slide the new one in and twist it til the teeth are lined up and a gentle tap with thor's hammer to seat it
  • 20190710_162350.jpg
  • torque spec for the castle nut is 220nm i was told, check to be sure.
  • reassemble and you're done, any leftover bolts are a bonus and can be used another time
  • 20190710_162154.jpg
  • 20190710_162213.jpg