1. Toby1Kenobi

    Hopeless DIYer

    Gday all, I drive a V6 Amarok and tow a FF off-road camper. I’m based out of NT and NQLD. I’m a top-shelf tightass that loves buying the best kit then ruining it by doing a DIY install. I’m keen on driving tracks that lead to off grid camping, swimming and fishing spots.
  2. P

    12 V Compressor on a 2018 Amarok

    G'day All, Pretty green when it comes to all things mechanical/auto. I'm looking at doing some beach driving and have a little 12 V compressor to hook up directly to my battery. My question is whether it will be safe to hook up the negative lead to the battery or if there is a specific spot on...
  3. P

    Amarok 285/75r16

    Hi Fellas. Just wondering if anyone has had the 2-3” Dobinson monotube IFP lift fitted and is running 285/75r16 AT tyres. If so do they rub at all? Thanks
  4. I

    2011 VW Amarok

    I have recently purchased a 2011 Amarok with canopy front bullbar and heavy duty leaf springs. I noticed when taking off from a stand still if I release the clutch to quickly there is a clunk from the leaf spring movement as I think there is not enough load in tub. I have researched and...
  5. Ben Sanderson

    Details of vehicle from vin

    Is there somewhere I can lookup or a place I can call that will give me all the information of my Amarok from the vin? I bought it ex demo and am not 100% sure what it was fitted with when built. For things like accessory plugs for brake controller, reverse signal, pin outs for this and that...