48 – Track access and track closures in National Parks with Shane Rose from 4WD Australia

This track features Shane Rose, the new President of 4WD Australia.  Before joining 4WD Australia, the peak body for 4WD Associations in Australia, Shane has had a lot of experience with 4WD Queensland, land access issues in NSW and has been 4 wheel driving for many, many years.

4WD Australia and track access

We discuss his journey that lead him to 4WD Australia and why he is working there.

We discuss the recent attempted changes for 70,000 hectares of land from State Forest to National Park and what that means for all bush users.

Who is VEAC – The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

VEAC is the Vic Government organisation that provides independant and strategic advice for the protection and sustainable management of Victoria’s natural and environmental resources.

The current VEAC (Victorian Environmental Assessment Council) report on the Western Forest has recommended change from State Forests to National Parks.  This means that many bush users will no longer be able to use the land for what they have been used for.

Here are the details on the BUGU Rally.

Access for all

The access for all principle is that all users of the land, including 4WDers, fishers, shooters, horse riders, prospectors, and bike riders (both kinds).  The change to national parks will mean that there will be no dogs, no horses and a range of other users will be locked out.

One of the reasons is that Horses poo may have beetles in it, but horse have been in the State Forests for decades (centuries?) and yet there isn’t any proof of any damage.

Economic Impact Statements for 4WD closures

We discuss the economic benefit that 4WDing creates in the rural community and why an economic impact statement should be created whenever a track is closed.

How can we maintain access?

The big thing is to mention this to each and every politician that we see.  Email them, write them, talk to them – make them understand that it is an issue that will sway your vote.  The Greens do this very well, but there are more of us who are passionate about the responsible usage of the bush and the towns that it supports.

The beneficial psychological effects of the bush

We also chatted about the great work that the Blue Green crew do.  Many 4WDers know instinctively how good it is to get out offroad and camp out by yourself or with some mates.  I think this is really important and the work that the Blue Green Crew really highlight that.

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