47 – 4WD industry news with Robert Pepper

This is our update on 4WD industry news and the second part of our interview with 4WD journalist Robert Pepper.  In the first episode, we discussed what the future of electric 4x4s will be like and how soon it will be before they are on the roads and more importantly on the 4×4 tracks.

4WD industry news

Suzuki Jimny

We talk about the new Suzuki Jimny – what does Robert Pepper think of it and why would someone think about a Jimny?

4WD ANCAP Ratings

ANCAP Ratings for 4WDs.  How does the ANCAP rating fit in with the 4×4 design process?  How important is it and why do some vehicles have such a low rating?  The Wrangler and Jimny struggle with the ANCAP rating system and we look at why.

Land Rover

We discuss the new Discovery and Defender and the future of the Land Rover.  As a company that ha lead 4WD innovation will they be able to get back the lead in 4WDs.  How is their design process been driven recently and why do they have some designs that aren’t really very exciting?

Jaunt Motors

Continuing on with our Land Rover discussion, we talk abut Jaunt, a company that is creating electric Land Rovers.

Haval 4WDs

We discuss the Haval 4WDs and what they have going on.  Are these the future of the 4WD market in Australia?

With increasing costs of vehicle design, we are seeing less models coming to market and more joint ventures between manufacturers.  Haval’s petrol only decision is looking to be a good decision, given where diesel is going in Australia.

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