49 – 4WD Victoria and VEAC – should we worry about National Parks and Time to Align

We discuss 4WD Victoria and the VEAC report.  This track is the continuation of our interview with Shane Rose, the new President of 4WD Australia.  This is the second part of our interview, the first part is here.

How should 4WD Victoria handle the VEAC report

We look at the current VEAC report and what the changes from State Forest to National Parks would mean for all 4 wheel drivers.  4WD Victoria released a press release that created a bit of controversy about track access with no support for other bush users because they see that there SHOULDN’T be any decrease in the change for 4 wheel drivers. Should 4WD Victoria take a united we stand, divided we fall approach to land access?

The loss of access for prospectors and potentially hunters and horse riders will not only deny them access to the land, but I reckon most of those horse riders will be pulling their horse floats with a big 4WD.  Same for the prospectors.  How many of them need a 4WD to get access that they want to fossick in?

What can 4WDers do to maintain track access?

There are a range of options to help track access, including working with land managers, like what Grumpy and the Gippy Crew did with O’Tooles campground.

The other large thing to do is to speak to every politician.  Email them, call them.  Let them know that you vote and you 4WD and that land access is really important to you.  If we don’t make it a hot topic, it won’t get the attention that it deserves.

Talk to your local associations as well, whether it is 4 Wheel Drive Victoria, Queensland, NSW or the others and make sure that your views are heard and understood.

The Time to Align Campaign

We discuss the Time to Align campaign.  How has 4WD Australia been getting results as far as harmonisation of vehicle laws?  This has been a big issue because a vehicle that is road legal in Victoria or NSW could go into QLD and be defected as been unroadworthy.

Believe it or not there was an issue with license plate heights on caravans!

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