LCOOL Missing


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Constantly locking threads

Yes, because you should have know to 1st search throught the older threads. But who bloody knows how to use there search engine correctly. Itll have to be 1 of the worse.

Mind you, it is a forum that does have alot of data and info specific for L/C.


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The rest of the site is still online so my guess is that they are upgrading the forum software.

But who bloody knows how to use there search engine correctly. Itll have to be 1 of the worse.

I agree that the search engine is painful but I found the easiest way to search is to put the word "and" between each search term e.g. -
Normal search - 80 series tyre options
LCOOL search - 80 and series and tyre and options

I am sure that there are lots of other string formats but when I do it this way, I usually find what I am looking for.


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Same issue here,

Really like Lcool it is a good tech forum and keeping discussion for such a data base in existing relative threads works well, when you need some help you can usually find plenty of great free information

They run a tight regimen but it serves it’s purpose


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Or they are so ashamed they don't want to talk about it :p

plenty to talk about when you spend 70k on a truck that still needs so much to match most other std spec 40k trucks

- auto conversations
- coil conversions
- chassis extensions
- cup holders


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The issue is there is no alternative bar the medium duty 4 cylinder jobbies, why someone doesn’t do a decent ute with a bit of grunt is beyond me
Yes, the VW motors, V6 and V8 are pure magic to drive and they'd pull the Queen Mary. No low range in the Amarok, they're kidding themselves.


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Back on topic
When I starting using it and trying to use the search function I checked the version of the forum software they were using, it was way out of date. The latest versions are far more user friendly. Maybe they are trying to upgrade or migrate and a have crashed the system.
It would be nice if at least they put up a single page explaining whats going on.
As mentioned it has a wealth of information for Landcruiser owners.