Heading to Cape York


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Hi all,
Me and my partner are currently in Port Douglas on an impromptu trip from Gold Coast to the tip. Our vehicles pretty well equipped but as we're going it solo we're looking for any advice or updates from people who've done it recently (or are currently). Other than making sure we've got extra fuel, water, a map and a few waypoints, we're sort of throwing ourselves in the deep end.
Otherwise if there are any other travellers who'd be interested in convoying, so we can go a lil harder, let me know!

(I realise some areas will still be closed til the 10th or so but we'll be taking our time before then)



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Its a long way from anywhere, but not that 'remote' these days.

Drive to the conditions and you'll be fine.


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Here's the current travel updates

July 3 - "travellers will not be able to access the Tip of Cape York until after 10 July as non-residents are unable to cross the Jardine River ferry and enter the Northern Peninsula Area."

hopefully you will be sweet after the 10th like you say... unless these issues south of the border continue to escalate and force a knee-jerk reaction.