cape york

  1. Matt4x4

    Cape Melville National Park

    Hey guys Hoping I could get some information on the track into Cape Melville National Park (Cape York). Has anyone done it recently and how technical is it? I’m asking because I have a young one on board and don’t want anything too extreme just yet. Is a snorkel necessary? I read there are...
  2. A

    Cape York West Coast

    Hi all, im planning a trip up Cape York and will be doing old tele up to the tip and I'm wondering if anyone knows a good track to take down from the tip along the western coast of the Cape since I'll be heading into the gulf of Carpentaria. side note: if you know of anywhere or a good way to...
  3. Cokes

    Heading to Cape York

    Hi all, Me and my partner are currently in Port Douglas on an impromptu trip from Gold Coast to the tip. Our vehicles pretty well equipped but as we're going it solo we're looking for any advice or updates from people who've done it recently (or are currently). Other than making sure we've got...
  4. lisajane

    Cape York September 2020

    Hi All, We've decided to do the tip trip in September and are starting to plan out the trip as we're taking a week to go up the coast to Cape Melville and do the tip and back for the last 2 weeks back to Cairns. I just want to know what you wish you had brought on the trip and what you...