1. 868_Hilux

    2.8L 3L Toyota

    How do I get more power out of this Toyota 3L motor? Without turbo… as it costs alot to do so
  2. Z

    Reverse Camera Not Working

    Hey guys I’ve recently purchased a 2014 Nissan Navara D22. The Navara came with an aftermarket head unit being the Kenwood DDX4019BT. It has a reverse camera installed. With the Kenwood, the reverse camera worked no dramas. I upgraded just the head unit (Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT) and speakers and...
  3. Lovey

    Ute tub power cable.

    G’day all, I’m finally going to get around to adding some power in the tub of my Colorado and I was hoping to bounce a few ideas off the knowledgeable folk here. At this stage I don’t have a fridge, but am looking at adding one (connected to a portable battery box) down the track when the funds...
  4. Z

    How capable are 4 cyl td’s?

    Looking to get a 4 cyl turbo diesel as i need something with atleast half decent fuel economy. I just wanted to ask how capable are these cars offroad, looking at 2003-2008 models mainly Couriers and navaras, was also looking at pajeros. Live in Western Australia, I just want to know how well...
  5. Lewy_88

    Cheap DIY 12v setup in Colorado 7

    After I put in the false floor and drawer, power was next! I wanted the battery to be removable, and didn't want to go through the hassle and expense of putting it in the engine bay. So here is what I did.