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    LN167 Hilux Wheels & Tyres

    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Ln167 Hilux. I’m looking for any advice on wheels and tyres. I’d like to put 32s or even 33s if they fit onto a 16x8 wheel but I’m having trouble finding any info on what offset and tyre size I’d need any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. H

    Prado 120 offset

    Hi guys I’ve a 120 Prado gx (no factory flares). Will positive 20 offset sit flush with the guards when running 265/70r17 muddies on 17x8 rims. thanks
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    Ford Ranger PX3 Aftermarket Wheel Fitment

    G'day guys, new to this forum. Recently I got myself a ranger, currently it's fully stock and looking to modify for occasional 4x4 and touring. First on the list is a set of new wheels and tyres. It does not have any flares and not interested in fitting one. In terms of the diameter and tyre...