1. rudolfweyers84

    Mahindra Pikup S10 Karoo DC

    We had our Pikup for more than 2 years now, and enjoy every moment of it. We have done a couple of trip, and put the vehicle through its paces, and it performed really well Currently we are planning for a 22 day tour of of the north western parts of South Africa, where we will be doing mostly...
  2. Epic Drives WA

    Solo 4WD Camping in the Goldfields.

    Spring has definitely sprung! Not to mention the wild flowers that bloom this time of year all over Western Australia. I visited the Goldfields, 400kms East of Perth. Starting in Yellowdine and camping in the abandoned mining town of Mount Palmer I headed west visiting Frog Rock, Jilbadgie...
  3. Epic Drives WA

    ROTHSAY, off-roading in WA’s EPIC Mid West Region.

    It feels like it’s been forever since my last proper 4 wheeling adventure! With Covid restrictions lifted in W.A. we took the opportunity to escape the city and #wanderoutyonder on a 4x4 camping trip to the midwest region of Western Australia. Check out the full video here. Beginning our...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    Top 10 Summer 4WD Trips Near Perth.

    Looking for summer 4WD tracks near Perth that are ideal for family and friends? Suitable for beginners? If you live in Perth this top 10 list is bound to have 4x4 tracks near you! The best beaches, the best tracks, from day trips to all out epic adventures! This is the first in a series of...
  5. Epic Drives WA

    Frankland River 4x4 Adventure.

    Starting in the agricultural town of Boyup Brook and following the Frankland River all the way to the ocean at Quarram Beach. It's a three day adventure through some of Western Australias south west.
  6. Epic Drives WA

    2019 Mundaring Powerlines Cleanup

    Four Wheel Drivers from across Perth united to clean up the Mundaring Powerlines track. A massive shoutout to the WA4WDA & Track Care WA for organising this event as well as Wayne from the FaceBook page Rise Above 4x4 for letting me tag along with him and his crew.
  7. Epic Drives WA

    Mundaring's Beelu 4WD Circuit GPS Trip Notes

    TRIP NOTES: https://www.epicdriveswesternaustrali... Looking for somewhere to take your 4x4 for the day? Beelu National Park is well worth a trip! Situated south of Mundaring it's just 45 minutes from the city. The park is ideal for beginner four wheel drivers, however some sections are...
  8. Epic Drives WA

    Wilbinga to Seabird - Epic 4WD day trip so close to Perth!

    This trip heads north starting at Wilbinga and travelling through the sand dunes to the sleepy town of Seabird. This is a great day trip for those of you who live in the city and a great place to learn the intricacies of sand driving.
  9. Z

    How capable are 4 cyl td’s?

    Looking to get a 4 cyl turbo diesel as i need something with atleast half decent fuel economy. I just wanted to ask how capable are these cars offroad, looking at 2003-2008 models mainly Couriers and navaras, was also looking at pajeros. Live in Western Australia, I just want to know how well...
  10. Epic Drives WA

    Wilbinga - Perth’s closest 4WD playground

    For the full driving instructions linked here: https://www.epicdriveswesternaustrali... Looking to take your 4WD for a drive on the beach somewhere close to Perth? Wilbinga in roughly 80kms from Perth with vehicle access to a number of stunning beaches. The trip notes provided below take you...
  11. Epic Drives WA

    4WD Paradise | Fish Creek - Western Australia.

    This area of WA is one of the South West’s most remote and pristine areas. I took a trip down there with my family and visited the Boorara Tree, Moore’s Hut, camped in the dunes at ‘Coodie Beach’ and on the way we traversed river crossings and ended up at the truely stunning and rugged coast at...