1. B

    New kid on the block

    Hi all, I'm new to the 4x4 world. I haven't done any off roading yet but with the whole stuck inside I can't really get out there right now. A little about me. I'm 28, family man, love camping and fishing (not very good at it, haha). I live in Sydney. I work in a boring office job and...
  2. S

    Lift kit Mazda BT50 2016

    Hey guys, after some advice on lift kits for my 2016 BT50. currently have a Fiberglas canopy on the back with a set of drawers in the tub and dual battery, and will sometimes have a 75L fridge in the back, have a camper trailer that we occasionally take away, and will eventually put a bull bar...
  3. Jonathan Spears

    help! Mazda Bravo MD25TI thermostat replacement...

    Hi. I have a 2002 Bravo with the Md25ti turbo diesel engine. I have found the thermostat under the alternator but there is very litte room for screwing it from above without removing the alternator... i would really appreciate some tips and tricks on how i can replace my thermostat without...
  4. W

    Accessories for new Mazda BT-50

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2018 XT BT-50. I was just wondering what is the compatibility of accessories from previous years models? Referring to Canopies, bull bars, side bars, tray liners etc.
  5. L

    2009 Mazda BT50

    Hi everyone, My name is Larry & I am new to this forum & to 4x4 driving and looking for some guidance on buying a car. I am considering a 2009 BT 50 with 117km on the clock at $19k. I have looked at the Service Log & it has been services every 10km in Warnambool Victoria. Initial inspection...