1. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1993 single cab Hilux

    G'day all, I've been looking around for cars for a while, and found a decent one. This one is a 1993 Hilux with the 2.8 non-turbo diesel (yes, I know they're slow and I won't turbo it) and 5-speed manual. It's got 318,000K's and i know these things are bulletproof so the K's don't matter too...
  2. Rackers03

    LN65 Dual Cab Hilux

    Hello everyone, Just wondering what were everyones thoughts on a LN65 Hilux? This one has the 2L in it with the 5-speed manual, only 294,000 k's on the clock and a few extra goodies: ARB winch bullbar, twin spotties on the bullbar, 25 inch lightbar on the roof, recovery points front and rear...