1. B

    Headlight upgrade

    Hey guys I’m sorry if it’s been covered before but I’m new and I cannot find any info on it I have a 2012 triton with the custom faded lenses, I’m replacing the whole unit but I want something with decent low beams as the originals are rubbish Has anyone used the stedi leds with success? Or the...
  2. Todd Allsop

    Adding another light bar

    Hi all Thinking of adding another light bar to my car on the roof racks and was wondering if I can’t just piggyback off the high beam connector on the Illuminator harness and fuse it before it heads out to the roof, is there any harm in doing this? And how are people sending wires to the roof...
  3. 4x4Dog

    Colorado / Trailblazer roof light bar

    How is everyone getting the wiring up to roof mounted lights on their RG Col? I'm thinking through the back of the bonnet and up the windscreen side channel but havent seen any examples yet. Mine is 2017 Trailblazer, i want to put a light bar at the front of my rhino platform. Cheers
  4. Choook

    The reality of LED wattage....?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I'm no electrician automotive or otherwise but I was looking around fleabay for a couple of spot/pencil beam lights. And after looking at several and reading feedback (as you should) I am slightly confussed. If an LED light consists of 7 leds fashioned...