Adding another light bar

Todd Allsop

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Hi all
Thinking of adding another light bar to my car on the roof racks and was wondering if I can’t just piggyback off the high beam connector on the Illuminator harness and fuse it before it heads out to the roof, is there any harm in doing this? And how are people sending wires to the roof lights? Thanks


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You are best to re wire it compleatly. Cheap LED light bars need a good earth back to the battery as they can pulse and quality earth will ensure they are as bright as can be. This is good practice anyway, but cheap light bars can be a bit sensitive from expirence.


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I wouldn't be piggybacking it, I no auto electric guru but to me it would be to much for one point.
Its been a while since I did mine but I have driving lights being run with one loom on the left headlight & a light bar with another loom running off the right headlight, 2 separate switches in the cabin to run them independently, together or turn them off all together.