1. R

    3rzfe hilux with a miss help please

    I have a 2000 model 3rz manual hilux which has a miss on idle and below 2500rpm , It seems to clear up as the revs rise So far I've replaced leads plugs and coils as they are a cheap replace and I've just bought the vehicle , im getting a compression and leak down test done tomorrow for rings...
  2. C

    Holden Colorado Randomly fails to start

    I’m having a problem with my 2013 colorado, drives fine but after stopping and starting a few times, it goes to start then cuts out then I try again and all is good, happens randomly and sometimes fine for weeks or a couple times in a day, have had suction control valve replace as dealer thought...
  3. 4x4Dog

    Colorado 7 / Trailblazer long range fuel tank

    Maybe a long shot here but anyone know if a replacement long range fuel tank has been developed for the Coloardo 7 / Trailblazer? I have a MY17 Trailblazer, so far brown davis says there's not enough room for a bigger tank, and long range automotive lilydale says they haven't tried but willing...