1. P

    LN167R Blow-by issues

    Hi all, I've recently discovered my '98 3.0L Hilux has bad blow-by. There has also been an increase in oil and fuel consumption, and I've noticed reduced power, especially with hills. I've had the vehicle for over a year and it was running consistently until recently. It's possible the blow-by...
  2. 868_Hilux

    2.8L 3L Toyota

    How do I get more power out of this Toyota 3L motor? Without turbo… as it costs alot to do so
  3. SuperSafari

    Engine producing whistling/whine-like sound when accelerating hard - 2021 Patrol Super Safari

    Hi All, I've noticed yesterday when Im pushing the throttle such that the RPM's reach 50% of the limit (specifically when not a lot of torque is available anymore), there is a whistling sound that seems to be coming from the engine. When the car is idle and in park or neutral, no such sound is...
  4. SuperSafari

    2 hour Idling with Y61 Patrol Super Safari

    I was camping overnight in the desert and left my car on and idling for around 2 hours.. I don't do this frequently, but was interested to hear other members' opinion on the same. Technicians at the Nissan dealership told me its completely fine as the oil flow rate is the same in the car no...
  5. R

    Leak on 1fz-fe land cruiser 2002 engine head

    There's some sorta leak found at the engine head, its at a hose that connects to the engine head, from the intake, and the substance leaking seems to look like oil, i don't know what the exact issue is, and why there's oil leak on something related to the intake, doesn't make sense to me. This...