1. P

    Building a Canopy

    Hey All I have just upgraded to a 2019 MR triton which currently has a steel tray. I want to have a camping set up that i can use jacks to easily take off when not using but also take off on site so i can still drive away and use the care without having the pack everything up. I dont want...
  2. K

    Canopy fit out ideas

    Looking for suggestions to fit out my canopy to head back up to the stations, I’ll be removing the masa drop down fridge slide and replacing with fridge/freezer draws 695mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 260mm (H), but looking for ideas around pull out pantry and drawers that will fit as it’s quite narrow...
  3. Ports_Ruggedx

    Custom aluminium tray and canopies

    Hi guys I’m looking at investing in a custom alloy tray and canopy, it’s a bloody steep price tag so I wanna get the right one. I’m looking at either mits alloy or nor weld. Thoughts on these companies or any other suggestions and why. Cheers.
  4. Jesse26

    Rooftop tent on a fibreglass canopy

    Hey all, I'm wanting to get a rooftop tent possibly the james baroud RTT. It weighs 60kg and is 198cm long. Is it okay to to attach the RTT to the 2 front rhino roof racks and also the canopy roof racks? There's a sticker on the inside of the canopy that says the canopy roof racks can only hold...
  5. A

    Steel canopy on Ali tray

    Hi all i’ve Just purchased a steel canopy to put on my aluminium tray. I’ve bolted it down, should I but rubber between the canopy and tray to prevent rub and then rust?