1. J

    Truetrac alternative any good?

    Hey people! Saw these online the other day, seem to be a copy of the Eaton Truetrac. Has anybody bought one, or have any experience with them? The price is tempting...
  2. B

    Fuel Manager 100 series installation - hose sizes.

    Hey guys, Going to be installing and plumbing up a pre fuel filter (fuel Manager 100 series) to my 2010 bt50. Only issue I can see is that I have been supplied with a different size hose. I got the kit from Repco, but on western filters website it reckons the hose supplied is 10mm with 3/8...
  3. R

    Which Ute should I buy?

    Recently I've been looking for a 4wd ute to buy. I've set myself a budget of 40k, I don't need a loan as i am using savings. I could spend more within reason. I've narrowed it down to about 2 options, either a 79 series landcruiser or a bt50 single or extra cab. I've chosen the bt50 over all the...
  4. S

    Lift kit Mazda BT50 2016

    Hey guys, after some advice on lift kits for my 2016 BT50. currently have a Fiberglas canopy on the back with a set of drawers in the tub and dual battery, and will sometimes have a 75L fridge in the back, have a camper trailer that we occasionally take away, and will eventually put a bull bar...
  5. W

    Accessories for new Mazda BT-50

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2018 XT BT-50. I was just wondering what is the compatibility of accessories from previous years models? Referring to Canopies, bull bars, side bars, tray liners etc.
  6. L

    2009 Mazda BT50

    Hi everyone, My name is Larry & I am new to this forum & to 4x4 driving and looking for some guidance on buying a car. I am considering a 2009 BT 50 with 117km on the clock at $19k. I have looked at the Service Log & it has been services every 10km in Warnambool Victoria. Initial inspection...