1. Blake_bowling

    Beginner tracks

    Hey legends, I’ve recently bought my first 4wd and looking to start learning on some tracks! I’m down in sanctuary point, south of NSW. Wanting to know if there’s any good tracks around where I am, that are open for the public to access? I wouldn’t mind some beach driving, also getting out to...
  2. jaiman

    Camping in Robe & Beachport

    Hey Guys planning on heading to Beachport and Robe for a couple days 27-30th of December. Just trying to work out where to camp. Are you allowed to camp in the dunes or on the beach in any spots? Or do you need to book a spot somewhere? Any help is appreciated
  3. Rumbuck

    Beach Driving around Bega Valley, NSW

    G'Day Guys, Just on holidays around Bega Valley, NSW, found some nice tracks around the beaches at Merimbula and was told there are good ones onto the beaches at Tathra, Eden, and other spots. Just wondering if anyone can point me to the actual rules for around here, as I have had a look, Bega...
  4. Robbie_P

    4x4 Rust Devices

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2010 Nissan Patrol GU ST (112,000km). The vehicle has been very well kept and seldom used off road or in water. I am planning to do a little offroad, beach driving etc. Is it advisable to get an e-rust device or under body protection? I have heard mixed reviews...
  5. JayMohi

    Me and my KK

    hi guys, Would like to introduce me and my Jeep Cherokee KK to the forum, this is my first every 4wd, haven't done much since buying except Portland dunes and Grampians, looking forward to going out more. Next in line is to do Blue Rags and Billy Goats. \