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Hey legends, I’ve recently bought my first 4wd and looking to start learning on some tracks! I’m down in sanctuary point, south of NSW. Wanting to know if there’s any good tracks around where I am, that are open for the public to access? I wouldn’t mind some beach driving, also getting out to have a fish. Any help is appreciated.


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Thanks mate
Looks like Yerrinyong in the closest to Sanctuary point but I havent been there myself.

It would be best to use a GPS or if you dont have one then download a PDF map of the forest & use Avenza map app to check the trails.

I just had a look & there are quite a few dead end tracks so you need a map!
Also looks like there is some steep terrain there as well but quite a few of the main tracks are in the ridgelines.

Just from what I can see on google maps & the PDF map I have which wont load on here, typical SF terrain really.

Have fun :)
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Your closest beach driving apart from the little beach at Kurnel, is Blacksmiths at Newcastle. There's no beach driving on the south coast. Explore around Yalwal for 4wd tracks or it's an easy and worthwhile run into Bendethera just out of Moruya.