1. Rackers03

    Ozroo Tub Rack tall enough for awning?

    G'day everyone, Finally got a set of wheels in a 2014 Colroado LTZ storm and am tossing up ideas for a camping set up. A canopy would be good but they cost a shit ton new and I've seen that Ozroo tub racks are sometimes less than half the price. I'm 185cm and the ute is only 178cm tall (stock...
  2. stelios_m

    ARB Awning issue

    Dear friends, I recently bought an arb awning and after a couple of uses I got several see through spots. I realised that those spots appeared when I rolled the awning at the area of the blue strip connecting the two fabrics. They have put a glue there that I believe burned the upper side of the...