79 series

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    Looking to get bigger tyres

    Hey lads, I’ve got a Toyota landcruiser 79 series single cab HZJ79R. Currently got 265/70R16 road tyres on it. Looking to get either 285/75R16 muddys or all terrains. It’s a stock cruiser (no lift on it, stock suspension ect.) I feel as though they will fit no problem for the back but not too...
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    79 Series Landcruiser Air Conditioning

    I've got a 2005 1HD79R Toyota Landcruiser with the FTE motor. Its never had air conditioning fitted so I'm trying to sort it out. Seems no one can really help me find the right parts to fit. Toyota have said the kits have been discontinued and no aftermarket place I've spoken to can tell me for...
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    Do 35’s put out your odometer

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a brand new 79 series dual cab and trying to put this conversation to bed, so I thought I would ask the professionals on here. Once I take delivery in a few weeks i’m lifting the car and running 35s on her. I know my speedo will be out BUT my question is will my...
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    Suggestions ... rebuilt 1HZ or 1HD-T

    Hi folks my first post I believe although I have had this account for a while. Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m just after some advice on which direction I should go in , last week my 1HZ said goodbye and cracked a piston (so we believe) and now I am in a situation where I can rebuild the 1HZ...