70 series

  1. G

    Finally a build date on troopy

    Hi All, I have been given a build date on Troopy GXL sandy after 2 years. Dealer said it might arrive Jan/Feb 2024. Does Anyone have any experience how things move after the build date? I’m hesitant to ask the dealers these questions. I’m in Melbourne. TIA.
  2. joshinthecity

    When the 70 series order book re opens.....

    It'll still be the V8. It will be the Prado 2.8L (with an auto?). It'll be a detuned (single turbo) version of the V6 in the 300 series. It will follow emerging general market trends, and be petrol.
  3. L

    Centre Console 75 series troopy troop carrier

    Hi guys, If any wants ideas for a centre console in a troopy / land cruiser 70 series the brass monkey fridge(300aud) fits perfect between bucket seats. The Additional floor console I bought on eBay and screwed to the floor. ($25 AUD) the side cup holder also purchased in eBay I Velcro to the...