1. R

    Leak on 1fz-fe land cruiser 2002 engine head

    There's some sorta leak found at the engine head, its at a hose that connects to the engine head, from the intake, and the substance leaking seems to look like oil, i don't know what the exact issue is, and why there's oil leak on something related to the intake, doesn't make sense to me. This...
  2. Rackers03

    auto box in a petrol 80 series?

    Just wondering what people's opinions are, I would like a cruiser as a first rig, preferably turbo diesel and manual, but with my budget (under $10k in South Australia), I can't seem to find any. Do see quite a few petty ones, but not many are manuals, mostly autos. Just wondering what peoples...
  3. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1fz-fe 80 Series?

    Hey all, Since i'm close to getting a license, been on the lookout for cruisers. And i've seen a few 80 series with the 1fz-fe engine (4.5 twin-cam, roughly 211hp when new) and wanted to see what everyone thinks of them. It's got 320,000 on it and they're asking $4,999. Pretty much stock except...