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was just wonder does any body have a set of 4, 30/9.50/15 . all terrain or mud tyres preferred in SA. cheers:cool:
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Gday mate, LowLux has a set of 5 tyres in about that size(maybe a bit bigger). Go to the spares and accessoies thread to find out more.


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Hammered Hi Lux

i have just the set for you. A set of 4 x 30 x 9.5 x 15 BFG MT with about 10mm of tread left. And what do you know, they are on Land Cruiser offset black 15 x 7 sunraysia wheels! I am after $500 for the 4 wheels and tyres. I am in Victoria though.
Selling them only cos I had the opportunity to buy a new set of Bighorns at a great price. There's a spare 15 x 7 rim too.

Could arrange something with transport, meet you 1/2 way??



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I have Goodyear mtr on my Feroza, great on and off road, so far .75mm tread wear in 10,000kms, you will see them sunday!

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Interco TSL Superswampers?? lol Thats probably a bit extreme though

The Coopers are a good tyre as far as ride qaulity. Gipped pretty well too on sunday too.

Does the lightweight of the Sierra warrant a slightly softer / less ply sidewall construction so that it flexes upon air down.

Just thinking if you get a tyre with 2 many plys it may not flex to well on air down.