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I would like to introduce myself quiet a number of you have already been in the Erica store
well that is my place .I would now invite you to come again real soon as your presence
here would be a great help to us all !!! here is looking at you regards Tedels


Welcome aboard enjoy your stay, was in there a month ago, have u been talking with your neighbour.


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Welcome tedels. I've been in the store a few times. You make a great steak, bacon, egg and cheese toastie!! Welcome to the forum.


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Welcome to the site.
Will make a point of dropping in next time we are up that way.


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You may see a few of us in a couple of weeks tedels. Be sure to have lots of hot pies and plenty of coffee....:D:D
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Welcome Tedals, Love your pies and I tell you what if our boys wearnt setteled in there schools we would love to buy your shop and set up in Erica.

(We have a member just across the road from you called Sambertom)

We'll be up there again very soon.

Cheers Bruce and Elise and kids.