hi all


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hi all im a new commer to 4x4 earth and im from the nth nsw area hopefully down the track i might be able to get to know a few of you on here and find a group that regularly do trips into the bush if not just looking foward to finding out tips in the threads and maybe have a few ideas for others


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Hi mred70 and welcome to 4x4 Earth. Keep an eye out ont he South-East Queensland trips, we had one today. Great fun and many recoveries


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Hi Mred70,
Thanks for letting me know about this site. I have found it very informative. See you out there on the tracks!


hi & welcome to site.I'm here in SA for 12 months (work) then back to Port Macquarie.So many 4wding ops in Mid/Northern N.S.W,National Parks,forests,beachs.:cool: