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hi every1, my names chris aka xm4tr1x, im 21 from melbourne, i just got into 4wdin and love it! i was previously a street drifter in my skyline such adrenalin that was! here's the link if any1s interested YouTube - skyline drifting!!!! hehe so i sold that and bought a cheap 89' diesel hilux so far i been off road 8 times in the last month and im gettin to know the limits of this 4b. i recently bought silverstone x-treme tyres for my 4b man do they have traction on and off road, up loose stone hills and thick mud love em got 5x31x10.5x15 for $1000 also gettin a 4" lift kit for it within the oncoming weeks. hope to see uz out there cheers!
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welcome chris, sounds like you're building up a beast. Post some picture of your hilux when all the mods are done.