G'day, new Hj60 in Ipswich


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Hi all,

Greg here. Just a quick hello to everyone as I've just joined up to the forum.

I recently bought a 1985 JH60 and am loving the old girl. I'm fairly new to 4wd'ing and this is my first truck. I'm keen build up my skills so I can do a some longer trips around Australia.

The 60 is doing pretty well so far and I'm very happy with it, despite a few minor niggling 'issues'. It has an aftermarket turbo and from my perspective (or lack of perspective) it has plenty of power. I was a little worried after hearing how slow the 2H is that it'd be very slow on road, but I find it cruises beautifully on the highway. I hardly ever need to change down from 5th to 4th going up hills, except for very steep hills.

I don't have too many upgrades on the horizon. The mortgage will keep the mods I do as cost effective as possible I think! I'll get better tyres once the highway terrain's wear out in a few months. I'd also look at replacing the shocks before I did any big trips with lots of corrugations as they're probably at least 10 years old. Maybe a rear wheel carrier if I could find one cheap. Other than than she's already got a long ranger aux tank so carries 160L of diesel which will be great touring, and has a UHF, a/c, power steering...and a tape player! Hmmm, maybe a CD player won't be far away.

Trips done so far are Sundown national park to Borrows water hole camp ground, Condamine river road (twice), Wallers road (near Gatton), a few very easy trails at Coffs Habour and plenty of country dirt road driving.




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Welcome to the forum - as with anything in life, what you put in is equivalent to what you will get back from it , hopefully with a bit of interest !

The 60 is the bench mark of the modern passenger 4WD , had a ex conservation and lands one myself, was pretty much bomb proof - a good rig !

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Hiya Greg, there are a few of us Ipswich based forum members about. I'm sure there will be no worries at all in having you along on some of our outings. Welcome to the forum.


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Nice to hear there's some Ipswich members on here.

I've also recently joined the Ipswich 4x4 club and am doing their driver training day on Sunday. Should be a good day!

I'm definitely keen to come along on a drive :D

Cheers all for the nice welcome.