Gday all

Radar one

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Yep just another newbie here. I'm trying to get together some 4x4 owners from work to go out for a casual days driving and was looking around for places to go around Perth when i found your website so i thought ill give it a go. Where all coach drivers so spend most of the time on the black stuff. Ive had a look at the tracks on here that look interesting but if anyone can give me some advice on some easy stuff to start, it would be gratefully received. I don't know what there experience is so i think starting easy is always the best way to go, then will see where we go from there.
Looking forward to a great experience on here


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Welcome to the forum – look forward to seeing what you contribute .
Like all things in life – what you sow is what you reap, what you get from it is exactly what you put into it !