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The Mud was thick at Murrindindi


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Yeh well, when i was 6 years old my mother used to kick by backside for playing in the mud and here i am 54 and still playing in the mud. Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa. good harmless fun. But it has taken its toll in maintenance and rebuilds etc, etc. I,ve made up a Web Site with all the photos and videos (5 Gig) but just cant afford to put it on the net just yet. But in the mean time YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA

Cheers Laurie


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Hey Dooks,

yep, entered through turn off (right) at the Bridge "Yea River" just down the road from the big servo and follow the made road all the way to where it turns into gravel road and then turn right again at the "T" intersection, past the old Saw Mill and keep going for about 10klms and take any side track you want. Can give you better details if you want and some good tracks.