toyota 4runner

  1. OzyBob

    Toyota 5VZ M/T ECU pin-out!

    Hi All, I am after some help with the electrics for my 1995 4runner with a 5VZ-FE Swap. I have put the engine in and now I have to wire it up. The engine has the original engine loom attached so I am trying to mate the engine loom with the body, repining it into my 5VZ M/T ECU. I have scoured...
  2. OzyBob

    Hi Everyone, Toyota 5VZ M/T ECU pinout!

    Hi Everyone, I love 4x4ing and previously owned a 2007 Jimny, lifted, locked and rock crawling. I want a bigger rig for longer trips with the fam, so I am now building a 95 4runner with a 3.4 5VZ engine from a 2000 Prado (95) but have run into trouble with the electrics and here to find some...
  3. Rackers03

    Ln65 Hilux seat replacements

    G'day all, So I've got my 1985 single cab lux, and the bench seat is fairly rooted in it (that's what happens after 400,000k's) and I'm looking for replacements. It seems that the bench seat in the blue trim was fairly rare and I can't find anything. However have seen a lot of seats from 2nd...
  4. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a V6 2nd Gen 4Runner

    Hi all, Been looking to get a 4runner, wanting a diesel but can't really find any good in my price range ($6000) so looking at the v6's now. Found a mint (perfect interior, no rust, no dents) '92 model with the 3.0 V6 (making roughly 140hp) and a five-speed manual, but it has just over 350,000...